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2010/11 Member Policies and Procedures

Budweiser Legends ClubSet in the heart of the TD Garden, the Budweiser Legends Club is a private, members-only sports club where you and your guests can enjoy the memories of Boston's best with an upscale, yet relaxed atmosphere. The Budweiser Legends Club is everything you'd expect from a sports bar and a whole lot more.

Boston Bruins, Celtics and Blazers Season Ticket Holders are eligible to become Budweiser Legends Club members and brush elbows with greatness before, during and after each game. Whether for personal enjoyment or entertaining your most valuable clients, the Budweiser Legends Club is the place for you!

Please note, every person needs a pass to access the Budweiser Legends Club.


Budweiser Legends Club Membership privileges and benefits for the 2010-11 season include:

  • Ability to make reservations online through our Reservation System
  • Ability to forward Legends passes to guests/clients through your Legends Account
  • Ability to purchase additional individual game passes*
  • Ability to pre-order food & drinks before, during, and after every event
  • Access to the arena 2 hours before and 1 hour after every event
  • Private Entrance through the West end Premium Club entrance in North Station
  • Access to VIP ticket offers for concerts and other events at the Garden
  • Complimentary HDX Scoreboard Message (1 per account)
  • Dedicated Legends concierge
  • Private Restrooms
  • Complimentary Coat Check

*To purchase, contact 617-624-1807; Availability is limited and for select games only

Membership Information

Please contact Ben Mazza at 617.624.1807 or email bmazza@dncboston.com