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Concessions Map, Loge, Level 4
Concessions Map, Balcony, Level 7

The TD Garden has numerous upgraded food and beverage concepts. In addition to our regular offerings our guests may choose from an array of new mouth watering delectable items. Please note that food items are not cooked in peanut oil and peanuts sold at the Garden are prepackaged. Our Fry oil is now trans-fat free, and made from a blend of cottonseed and canola oils.

The Frank House, is our most prevalent concept throughout the Garden and features Nathans All Beef Hot Dogs plain or you can go all the way with chili, cheese and jalapenos, or if you like, try our loaded Mucho Nachos. These locations will take care of all your traditional concessions refreshments.

Seaside Shack is where you can have a Big Shrimp Cocktail or a bucket of Spicy Bay Fries with dipping sauce, an Overstuffed Lobster Roll, or order traditional fish and chips.

Visit Uno's Express and enjoy Fresh Baked Pizza, Hefty Stuffed Pizza Wedge or a Chicken Parmesan sandwich with marinara and mozzarella.

The Links Grill offers Old World Italian Sausage with peppers and onions, Spicy Chorizo and a Jumbo All Beef Dog with your favorite toppings.

Cooked to order Ruben Panini's or a hot sandwich du jour are available at the Pile High Deli, and treat yourself to a selection of Italian Pastries or Sliced Fresh Fruit.

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, Flavored Popcorn and Soft Serve Ice Cream are available at the Boston Pops Stand.

The Fry Depot offers Crispy Chicken Tenders, a bucket of Spicy Cheese Fries, and a soon-to-be Garden favorite - Steak and Cheese Rolls.

At the Sweet Spot, enjoy a cup of freshly made Italian ice cream known as Gelato, and yes, it is made at the Garden. Flavors vary from cookies 'n cream, cake batter, chocolate brownie, to vanilla and more.

Available at On Tap or the Shots Bars, grab a beer and a can of Spicy Nuts.

Visit the Kosher Café in the Balcony at Section 304 to have a Kosher Hot Dog, Knish or other Kosher favorites cooked fresh to order.